Hristina Tasheva

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Hristina Tasheva, 1976 Born in Varna, Bulgaria1996 – 2000 Completed a bachelor course at University of Economics – Varna in the field of “Economics of Agriculture” October 2003 – March 2004 Completed a short course of photography and filming in Varna, BulgariaMarch 2008 First participation in a group exhibition – “Het Gonst in Arti” in “Arti en Amicitiae”, AmsterdamApril 2008 First independent exhibition in the Gallery Connie Bos,(Amsterdam), working on the projects “The future memories of Yuki Onishi” and “A ritual of passing and splitting the worlds”May 2008 Independent exhibition in Gallery 247, Rome, Italy, part of documentary film festival “Tekfestival”September 2008 – second course year photography at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam2001 Decided to leave Bulgaria and emigrate to The Netherlands, because of number economical and social reasons. Arriving in Amsterdam, having an illegal statement, start to work as a housekeeper. The way of life, the problems of adaptation to a different culture, miscommunication and nostalgia, raise the need of searching for self-determination of her personality between two worlds, analyzing the process of the transformation and inevitable isolation. At this moment photography is the medium, which is helping to determine her ideas and conceive her thoughts.Publications about the documentary “De huizen van Hristina” and her work were issued in Vrij Nederland, Het Parool, NRC Handelsblad, De Heiling and other internet sources. Information about her work and photographic projects could be found also on the websites: and

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