German for “Street Walker”.

Profession in Germany: a person who is walking the streets looking for street damages (See article by Nadine Wojcik in Plotki No. 4).

Simulanten Bande

German, literally “a bunch of malingerers”.

“Das ganz tschechische Volk ist eine simulanten Bande”, a quote from the Good Soldier Sveik by J Hašek. It is true.

Sobieski, Jan III

1. A Polish king (1629-1696). According to a legend, he gave potatoes to the Poles. He recieved some potatoes from Spain and ordered the gardener to plant them. As the idea to have a potatoe as a decorative plant failed, the gardener threw the potatoes into a fire. Then, thanks to a beautiful smell of fried potatoes, everyone realized that they might be good to eat.
2. One of the most important Polish brand names. There are cigarettes by the name of Sobieski, vodka and a hotel in Warsaw.
3. Polish pupils are taught that he saved Europe from the Turks at the Siege of Vienna in 1683. This was the last battle won by the Poles until “Cud nad Wislą” in 1920. In rememberance of the battle in Vienna, the PKP, the Polish railway company named the train from Warsaw to Vienna “Sobieski” leaving Warsaw Central Station at 14:30.

Sheep, bulimic

1. (Proper sense) Scene from the cartoons in which two groups of sheep are running one against the other, eating all the grass in a crazy rush and leaving deserted lands behind them.
2. (Figurative sense). Used by Romanian Plotkist Novac as an ironic nickname for the freak tourists who take pictures of every shit that they see and they never get enough. Used also in the phrase “seeing through the eyes of the bulimic sheep” to define a certain (rather negative) way of stepping out of your own subjectivity (example: seeing your country through the eyes of the strangers by noticing only the negative aspects).

Sezona irvasa

Serbo-croato-bosnian, literally “The season of raindeers”.

This is how people in Mostar call the summer season when people from Bosnia (who fled to Scandinavia during the war) come back to fix their houses.


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