1. Someone concerned with rumours.
2. Cross-border enthusiast.


1. Rumours in Polish.
2. A community of self-made journalists, artists and novac with its own language settled mostly in central and eastern Europe.
3. A journalistic travel agency.

“La Pologne, c’est nulle part”

French, literally, “Poland, that is to say – nowhere”.
Scene setting of Alfred Jarry’s play “Ubu roi” (King Ubu).

Pupicon intelectual

A kiss-surrogate usually given to young girls/ladies by senile old people (men). The ritual consists in the following gestures: The old fellow kisses his index finger and for a moment touches this against the girl’s forehead.


pron. [pipitsa].
Romanian female clones dressing in tight miniskirts, wearing tons of make-up, pumps or pointed shoes (see the German Verona Feldbusch). They are everywhere, talking aloud about nothing. They consider themselves irreplaceable. See Căcănar.

Pan Tadeusz

pron. [pan tadeush].
1. A well known label of Polish vodka.
2. The most important Polish epos by Adam Mickiewicz beginning with the words “Lithuania, my fatherland …” Every Polish pupil is taught this verse by heart.

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