Croatian,  literally “Seagull”.
Immaculately dressed, heavily suntanned and lightly perfumed men that seduce female  tourists during summer vacations at the Croatian seaside. As their name tells, they unscrupulously fly from one fish to the other. During the year, unlike their animal counterparts, they fly off to the North visiting their summer “victims” all over Europe with whom they exchange love letters and presents. A must-have item: white sweater used for keeping women warm, or as a beach/bench “blanket” for the passionate sexual encounters. Traditional g. is in decline as sex-tourism ruins the g.-like behaviour for the reason that g. in the first place “sells” the idea of love, not sex directly. Galebs are called: “Maxi Kaz” in Poland, “papagal” in Romania, and were called “Kurschatten” in Kakanien.

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