The Plotki Encyclopedia.

“Kon, jaki jest, kazdy widzi.”

“A horse, what it is like, everyone can see.” A quotation from Nowe Ateny, a Polish baroque encyclopedia, by Benedykt Chmielowski, printed in Warsaw 1746. Renowned for its pseudo-intellectual, though colourful depictions of the imagination and half-knowledge of a rather uneducated period. The Plotki encyclopedians would like to reach a similar clarity and poignancy.

Phenomena such as bar mleczny, Polish dwarfs selling rubber figures in Zagreb and cãcãnar rarely make it into encyclopedias. These are the items of the Plotki Encyclopedia. It roughly covers the area of central Europe. However, the Plotki region we are interested in does not have very clear geographical borders. The region can be characterized by its trains, the smell of cabbage, failed projects and unexpected connections in between places or things in this or that country.

We aim at cultural insight. The goal is to highlight the cultural and social significance of events, places, people, food, films, books or other objects. Plotki means “rumours” and the encyclopedia is an ideal means of spreading them.

The encyclopedia is both aesthetic and practical. There are places worth seeing or recipes of delicious dishes to be tasted. The possible categories include cross-cultural or linguistic misunderstandings and good and odd, fascinating and boring ideas about central Europe.

The Plotki encyclopedia is an open project and invites everyone to participate.

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