Romanian, a drinking place.
One of the most important places in a Romanian village,  a place where you can always swallow a big portion of Balcanism. The slavic word appears in Polish (karczma), Czech and Slovak (krčma).

Coelho, Paolo

A writer, a guru, a visionary. Maybe from Brasil. Most influential person around the block, according to some Plotkists.


Romanian, literally “little jerk”; pron. [k∂k∂nar].
A male person who excels neither in intelligence nor in physical aptitudes but considers himself to be irresistible. He always wants to be in the centre of attention but his actions involve little effort from his side and all the effort from the others. That is why his past consists of a list of failed projects. His achievements are rare and they concern insignificant matters. The Căcănar’s dream is a red sport car with loud oriental music. He usually likes teasing the others, making them feel small in order to make himself feel big. The strange thing about this term is that it has no feminine correspondent. Maybe the term à pipiţă would be satisfying.

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