“Bohemia. A desert country near the sea”.

A scene setting from  Winter’s tale by W.Shakespeare.

Bar mleczny

Polish, literally “milk bar”; pron. [bar mlechny].
1. A traditional Polish fast food. A large variety of dishes are offered such as pierogi, bigos, barszcz or surówki. Prices are low due to state subsidies. The most renowned b. m. in Warsaw is “Szwajcarski” (Swiss) on Nowy Świat not far from the palm tree; next to Warsaw University there is “Uniwersytecki”, nicknamed “karaluch” (cockroach).
2. A social and cultural institution. Old people, homeless, students and some not yet successful businessmen attend b.m. The decoration, pots and female cooks have not changed since the 1980s. Some tourists think that by entering a b.m. they are coming close to the essence of Polish culture.
3. A potential international food chain. Outside of Poland a b.m. can be found in New York City. As part of the season of Polish culture in France in 2004, a whole b.m. will be transferred to Lille from 7 to 9 May.

Bar mleczny base and news
Texts, poems, photos … a site made by warszawiaci
International fame of bar mleczny

Bács, Lajos

pron. [bach layosh]
1. A pensioner from Budapest.
2. The most famous dead Hungarian pensioner in the Czech Republic of the 1990s. L.B. was chosen as a cover-up name by the Czech Civic Democratic Party (ODS) for its real donor in the period of unexperienced party financing. In 1995, the ODS claimed L.B., at that time dead for thirteen years, contributed to the party a sum of 3,75 mil. CZK. The same generosity was shown by Radjiv M. Sinha from Mauritius.

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